About us

Our History


Large Format printing in Surrey

Bluedot Display Ltd (also known as Blue Dot Display) was established back in the year 2000.  Initially we were based in Kingston, however as the business grew over the next eight years, we required larger premises. Therefore, to accommodate the demand we moved to premises to Godalming in 2008. Since then we have enjoyed a fantastic word of mouth reputation offering Large Format printing in Surrey. Primarily delivering our services to businesses in Surrey, West Sussex, and Hampshire but still going further afield for some projects.

Our Team


Adrian de Candole – Company Director

Adrian joined the company  in 2009. He has a demonstrated history of working in the printing industry. In addition to a strong professional background in print management, advertising, sales, business development, and digital printing. As a dedicated family man, Adrian manages a healthy work/life balance.

John Lloyd – Company Director

John also joined the business with Adrian in 2009, bringing a wealth of management experience and fresh new ideas. As a Director John takes an active part in the day to day running of the business. John is a strong believer in community and networking in business. As such he often attends local networking meetings and continues to build local business relationships.

Ashley Clarke – Studio Manager

Ashley has been part of the Bluedot Display family now for over 13 years. Starting in 2005 Ashley has continued to demonstrate his dedication to the company and our clients. His background in arts and design is evident in his creativity. He is always taking an adaptive approach to his design work, therefore is skilled in transforming ideas to print.

James Burt – Studio Assistant

James is our studio assistant, he an integral part of the well-oiled machine that is Bluedot. His ongoing hard work and dedication ensure our client’s orders are always completed in good time. A skilled professional who now has considerable experience  in digital printing, large format printing, and on site installation.

Our Values

As a team, we are committed to combining our varied skills and experience to provide unrivalled customer service. We endeavour to be accommodating, friendly, competent and helpful to every client. Our testimonials page on our website assures us we have been successful in achieving this goal so far.

Tell us how we can help. You can get in touch by either calling on 01483 861168, emailing us on printing@bluedotdisplay.com or by using our Contact Form.